Training Plan for the Gym – The Best Exercises-Aid

Training plan for the gym: 11 practical beginner exercises

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Our eleven fitness exercises should not be missing in your training plan in the studio. Plus: The 3-week training plan for beginners, with which you will see the first successes in a short time.

Our exercises and training plans, especially for the gym, are particularly suitable for beginners to integrate all the essential basic exercises.

Advantages in the gym: The movements on the equipment are carried out safely, and in a controlled manner, you can concentrate fully on your body. The first successes are visible after a short time.

11 fitness exercises for beginners

On the day after your workout, you will likely have sore muscles at first. But after a short time, you will notice how the first muscles are defined, and you have significantly more strength.

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These exercises ensure the first progress:

1. Shoulder press

Shoulder press

Adjust the seat so that you can grasp the handles at the shoulder level. Pull your shoulders back – don’t let them fall forward.

Extend your arms, but don’t push them all the way through. When lowering, raise the weight again at the dead point.

Muscle groups used: posterior and anterior part of the deltoid, lateral deltoid.

2. Dips


Stand straight, slowly lowering your body until your upper arms are in a horizontal position. Extend your upper arms and push your shoulders down at the end of the movement.

Choose a resistance that is slow to support the upward movement.

Muscle groups used: chest muscles, triceps, shoulder muscles, elbow muscles.

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3. Leg press

Place your feet in the middle, let the sled as close as possible to the step surface; the heels have full contact and do not lift off.

Now stretch your legs slowly, do not push your knees through.

Muscle groups used: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal muscles.

4. Adductor training

Please sit down, place your legs on the cushions, and press them together slowly and in a controlled manner.

Then slowly bring it back to the starting position.

Muscle groups used: thigh muscles, mostly the insides.

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5. Leg curl

Place the top roll below your knees and the bottom roll just above your heels. Pull the lower leg down.

Pull the lower roller backward with pressure from your feet, and slowly bring it back again.

Muscle groups used: hamstrings.

6. Leg extension

Grasp the handles at the sides a little over shoulder width, legs hang down at a 90-degree knee angle – fix the legs behind the cushion.

Maintain core tension and pull your legs up.

Muscle groups used: Front thigh muscles (extensor muscles).

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7. Back extensions

Bend your trunk forward, clamp your buttocks between the pads, fix the roll at shoulder height, not in the neck.

Now lean back slowly and make a slightly hollow back.

Muscle groups used: lower back muscles.

8. Rowing machine

Place your feet in the foot straps, grasp the handles from above. Sit up straight with your hips in line with your knees and feet.

First, move your arms forward before you bend your legs – this way, arms and legs don’t interfere with each other as you move forward.

Sixty percent of the strength should come from the legs, 30 percent from the trunk, and only 10 percent from the arms.

Muscle groups used: arm, shoulder, back, abdominal, gluteal, thigh, and calf muscles.

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9. Belly press

belly press

Fix the feet behind the cushions. Instead of curling up your upper body, keep it upright. Reach backward for the handles.

The straight upper body approaches the legs while moving.

Muscle groups used: anterior abdominal muscles, lateral abdominal muscles.

10. Lat pull

lap pull
Extend your arms, press your back against the cushion. Put your feet in the seat and keep the tension. Pull the load, levers down, and slowly raise them again.

Muscle groups used: broad back muscle.

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11. Chest press


Grasp the handles far back so that the pectoral muscle works pre-stretched – avoid a hollow back. Stretch your arms, and slowly bring the brackets together in front of your chest.

Muscle groups used: pectoralis major, collarbone, anterior deltoid, triceps.

3-week training plan for the gym

If you stick to the given intensities in our 3-week training plan for beginners, you will soon notice success.

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